Health and travel tips for South America

South America is a very popular destination for many people. There are there to discover fascinating landscapes and many interesting towns. In addition to many cultural attractions, there are also many natural beauties in South America.
However, South America is climatically and culturally very different from Germany and Central Europe. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest a lot of time as a tourist in a good travel preparation. This is especially true with regard to the right travel information and health tips.

Would you look at South America as Tourist relatively quickly and easily via the customs, the culture, the sights and of Destination inform, so can afford valuable services here the website. For medical notes and hints page can be accessed is a counselor platform where it comes to the exchange of personal travel experiences. So can put on specific questions regarding a country or topic to the community of Webpage registered users. The questions can be as specific as possible and failed at

For this reason, it is possible to find too many topics information on the website about South America. Topics range of nutrition tips Impfvorschläge to the question, how much tip you should give to a taxi driver in a South American country, how best to deal with begging children in Peru and what it must in the suitcase when you pack for a trip to South America.

Because of the diversity of the information provided, it is essential that visitors to the site are able to find their way on the page. This is achieved firstly through the search function. You are here simply one or more keywords, such as the word ” America “, ” Peru “, ” Bolivia ” or “Venezuela ” and then looking at the search results.

These consist of questions that have already been made ​​earlier by other users. If you click on the questions of interest, so you can also read through the answers that other users have already given to this question. The answers, however, are not professional answers.

It is, rather, experiences and reports from other South American travelers who have one or two additional tip.